Happy half year birthday to my favorite guy.  The time is just flying by.  I am trying to take in & enjoy every moment with you.  You are quickly changing from my tiny baby to a little boy.  I fear the day that you tell me you are too big for hugs & kisses…or when your opinion of me changes and I am suddenly uncool & old.  Sigh.  As for now, I will enjoy being your best friend & try my hardest to raise you into a well adjusted young man and not a wackadoodle.



Resident parking or tow zone?


Bad parenting?


Presenting the new iron. Story to follow…




The scene of the crime.  John thinks he is so cool now that he can sit up alone.  So cool in fact that he never wants to lay down.  The little man is going to have some serious abs.  He is forever doing leg lifts, crunches, & reverse crunches.  It should come as no surprise that he refused to lay down on his comfy little bath sponge.  Instead he wanted to sit up & then wanted all his toys.  Of course he went to grab at them and he slipped from my grip & went face first into the water.  Now, he falls in slow motion, just kind of bends from the waist until his tiny face stops him.  It isn’t a problem when this happens on a bed or a pillow, but a face plant onto the hard tub & into the water is scary…for momma & baby.  Obviously he was fine, just scared.  Sigh.  My poor little boy.  I need to get a bath seat, no more fighting…sitting up versus laying down.