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Presenting the new iron. Story to follow…





The scene of the crime.  John thinks he is so cool now that he can sit up alone.  So cool in fact that he never wants to lay down.  The little man is going to have some serious abs.  He is forever doing leg lifts, crunches, & reverse crunches.  It should come as no surprise that he refused to lay down on his comfy little bath sponge.  Instead he wanted to sit up & then wanted all his toys.  Of course he went to grab at them and he slipped from my grip & went face first into the water.  Now, he falls in slow motion, just kind of bends from the waist until his tiny face stops him.  It isn’t a problem when this happens on a bed or a pillow, but a face plant onto the hard tub & into the water is scary…for momma & baby.  Obviously he was fine, just scared.  Sigh.  My poor little boy.  I need to get a bath seat, no more fighting…sitting up versus laying down.


Momma & John had a photo session this afternoon.  I am sure some day he will hate me for dressing him in a sailor suit.  I am thinking that this will be the photo I submit to his high school yearbook baby section!  For the time being I will enjoy the fact that I can dress him as I want without resistance & if that includes an adorable sailor suit, so be it.

Not okay.

Lately, whether it be from extreme exhaustion or lack of nutrition, I have not been my usual snippy, witty, & catty self.  Well, I just had a major wake up call.  I snapped this gem of a photo while on my way to the post office.  Is she trying be “different” or “quirky”…or this is normal on the planet she calls home (read: xanax induced haze).  What is painfully obvious, is that the whole ensamb is atrocious.

I wish I would’ve told her she looks like a jerk and wearing underpants on the outside of  dirty yellow bike shorts is not okay on any planet.  Especially when paired with navy tube socks & moccasins loafers.  Why make yourself look uglier than that which was intended by nature?  Just because I am feeling charitable, I won’t mention the sequined tube top.  Drawing negative attention to yourself  is not a good thing.  Maybe she is a superhero, because those folks always wear their underpants on the outside.

Embrace the camera 8.26.10

It is Thursday & that means time for Embrace the Camera with Emily over at the  Here I am with my favorite guy having lunch alfresco on Newbury Street in Boston.  The photo was taken last Friday and it was the most beautiful day out.  The little boss wanted no part of sitting in his carriage, he had his own seat for a while, but in the end he preferred to sit with Momma & try to eat the potato chips off my plate.