Self-important Notes

My name is Liz & I am a working mother. Feels weird to say that…in my previous life I would’ve said I was a “connoisseur of fine spirits”. Time goes by so fast, especially now that I spend most of my days wishing I was home with my son. I am attempting to become a better  photographer picture taker & writer, as I document this year of my life.

I am a horrible speller (no hooked on phonics here), terrible at keeping in touch with those who mean the most to me, and hate magicians & clowns (equally). I recently developed a major word recall problem, so please excuse me if I sometimes sound like sixth grade drop out.  I am horrible at keeping secrets, just ask those who trust me & I don’t know how to jump (long story).  I love cupcakes, vodka (not necessarily together), and the beach.  I try to be honest & pride myself on my fantastic use of sarcasm.  Those that are easily offended probably shouldn’t hang around here as I am sure you will find fault when I over criticize phenomenons like  “jeggings” and the atrocities on public transportation.  I hope that my mundane life & skewed viewpoint is interesting enough to keep you entertained. Oh most days I use a Mac to update this blog & a Nikon D60 to take photos.

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