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Happy half year birthday to my favorite guy.  The time is just flying by.  I am trying to take in & enjoy every moment with you.  You are quickly changing from my tiny baby to a little boy.  I fear the day that you tell me you are too big for hugs & kisses…or when your opinion of me changes and I am suddenly uncool & old.  Sigh.  As for now, I will enjoy being your best friend & try my hardest to raise you into a well adjusted young man and not a wackadoodle.



Bad parenting?



Momma & John had a photo session this afternoon.  I am sure some day he will hate me for dressing him in a sailor suit.  I am thinking that this will be the photo I submit to his high school yearbook baby section!  For the time being I will enjoy the fact that I can dress him as I want without resistance & if that includes an adorable sailor suit, so be it.

Embrace the camera 8.26.10

It is Thursday & that means time for Embrace the Camera with Emily over at the  Here I am with my favorite guy having lunch alfresco on Newbury Street in Boston.  The photo was taken last Friday and it was the most beautiful day out.  The little boss wanted no part of sitting in his carriage, he had his own seat for a while, but in the end he preferred to sit with Momma & try to eat the potato chips off my plate.


Solid foods are no match for Godzilla baby.  This boy loves to eat & at 24 weeks he is slowly becoming an expert.  I wanted to wait until John was 6 months to start solids, but he just stares at us when we eat or drink anything.  Apparently that is a huge red flag that he is ready.  So for now he surviving on a diet of breast milk, 1 bottle of formula, brown rice cereal, & the occasional avocado.

I didn’t think I would have such a hang up about incorporating formula into his diet, but it has been tough.  Where is my tiny baby?  It is hard to find information on supplementing.  There is the formula only set & the breast feeding until the kid is 5 set.  I am just looking for some middle ground.  I can’t keep up with the pumping at work, so I have to supplement.  Just another reason that I don’t want to work.  Ugh, so annoying that work is dictating how I feed my child.  Although, breast feeding has become daunting.  I am not a whip it out anywhere type of gal, so I am always banished to a bedroom or the backseat every 3 hours when we are out.  So giving a bottle pumped or formula is easier, except for the washing & sterilizing…in that case the boobie is way more convenient.  Okay that is enough of my complaining.  Godzilla baby was ready to eat the  bowl this morning.  That is all.


He has only tried solid food twice. For some reason I thought that we would give avocado a shot today. He liked it. I know it doesn't look like he enjoyed himself. This face is because the paparazzi (read: momma) was in his face wielding the camera in one hand and the elusive spoon in the other. Already with the attitude.